This week the Year 6 pupils of Peasedown St John Primary School have been appointed to some very special roles, leading aspects of school life.

The school has a long tradition of pupil leadership roles, an initiative that inspires the older pupils to take on more responsibilities, to act as role models to younger pupils and to help run certain aspects of school life. Roles include Head’s Ambassadors, Librarians, CARE Captains and Technical Support in Assemblies.

“This year, as ever, the standard of applications was exceptionally high,” explained new headteacher Ruth Noall. “The pupils wrote letters of application explaining why they should be considered for leadership roles and how they wanted to help demonstrate the school values and act as role models to others.”

One pupil wrote, ‘I am a great leader but also understand that a great leader also needs to listen as well as lead. I am responsible, reliable and always punctual. I consistently demonstrate good behaviour and I am so proud of how our school has progressed over the years. I will promote our CARE values to all pupils and help them to achieve Curiosity, Aspiration, Resilience and Empathy.’

Another pupil wrote, ‘I am having an amazing time at Peasedown St John Primary School. I want others to feel the same way. I will make sure that people at this school feel safe and supported, as I do.’

We are looking forward to seeing how our pupil leaders rise to this exciting opportunity over the coming year.

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