‘Achieving Excellence for Ourselves and Others’ applies to our high expectations for behaviour and attitudes as well as to our learning.

Our staff create calm and purposeful environments where children can thrive, learning to work, live and play together well.

Children are greeted personally every day and every class has an orderly routine to the morning, supporting all children to start the day feeling positive and ready to learn.

Throughout the day, all staff promote positive interactions, caring actions, purposeful and kind speaking and listening and smooth transitions. Our mantra that “at Peasedown we CARE” ensures children can see how our CARE Values support everyone to achieve excellence. Children all belong to a House and are awarded with CARE points which are counted weekly and announced in Friday assembly by our CARE captains. Additionally, children are sometimes sent to Mrs Noall or other senior leaders to share their successes – when this happens you will be sent a celebratory text message. Each week we celebrate our achievers with Headteacher Awards and at the end of the year we award our CARE Values and Excellence Awards.

Sometimes children need a reminder that their choices are wrong or inappropriate. We use our ‘Steps to Success’ to support children to stop, think and reconsider their choices.

Our ‘Steps to Success’ also ensures that children are noticed and rewarded for making good and excellent choices. Children who remain on ‘GREEN – ready to learn’ all week receive extra play on Fridays and children who reach ‘BLUE – Outstanding Effort’ in a term receive additional OPAL play. These are reset weekly and termly so that all children know they can strive to achieve excellence.


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