This term in Science Year 5 are exploring habitats and food chains. We are researching and discussing the impact of humans and the negative impact we have on organisms (plants and animals) in our world through things such as deforestation, overharvesting/overhunting, pollution and global warming.

We talked about all the ways we can help such as: rewilding, using sustainable resources, sustainable energy, recycling, supporting conservation charities, planting trees and much more.

When our conservation area was redone we sadly had to lose the pond due to health and safety reasons. Surprisingly to us (as we had investigated prior to taking out the pond), a frog ended up laying its frogspawn in a large puddle in the playground. These were luckily saved by Mrs Halliday and Reception class but we were anxious about the poor frog. So today Sapphire class created our own mini-pond in a pot and hope that lots of creatures may live happily there!

As well as that, linking to this focus, Sky class de-weeded some of the flower beds in the Y1 shared area and planted some lovely Spring flowers. Aqua class planted a pear tree on the field and Teal class made a wildflower corner!

Whilst each class helped their teacher with this task, the rest of the children were litter picking and tidying our school grounds!

Watch out for more as Spring/Summer comes!



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