We welcome volunteers to help in school, either on a regular basis supporting in classrooms or in the library, or as one-off helpers on school trips or to share an area of expertise with groups of children.

If you’re thinking about a career in education, volunteering at a school will provide the opportunity to observe and learn from an experienced teacher and knowledge of the national curriculum/education system of the region you’re applying to work in.

If you are one of our parents, becoming a school volunteer gives you the opportunity to share in school-related experiences and gives you and your child more in common. It also allows you to be ‘a fly on the wall’ and see your children in a different environment. It’s rewarding to watch them as they put all the skills you’ve taught them into action.

Volunteers  are required to complete a number of safeguarding checks prior to coming into school.

There are 3 types of volunteer depending on the type and frequency of help:

  • Tier 3 : Working in school but not directly with children and supervised at all time and irregularly (2 or 3 times a year), e.g parents helping with the school disco, parents helping with the school garden.
  • Tier 2: Working directly with children with constant supervision by a regulated person e.g readers in a classroom.  
  • Tier 1: Working directly with children without constant supervision from a regulated person – one day trips leading a group, readers on their own with children etc. 

Please contact the school office  for more details and an application pack

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