Our vision for Early Years children

At PSJ, we want children who leave EYFS to have all of the skills and knowledge they need as a foundation for starting the National Curriculum in Year 1. Using Birth to 5 Matters as a guide, we have picked out the key skills that all of our children will acquire through their EYFS journey. These are developed from nursery until the children leave Reception and together form our EYFS Intent:

How do we achieve our intent in EYFS?

We achieve these learning intentions by firstly recognising children as unique individuals who learn through the important process of play. This enables us to  provide a stimulating learning environment which inspires children’s active learning through independent exploration whilst promoting their critical thinking skills and creativity. Activities are planned following and developing individual children’s interests whilst learning through play. Planning also clearly defines the teaching progression for our 2 year olds, 3 year olds, 4 year olds and 5 year olds which practitioners are adept at following clearly.

Our children are provided with a secure, caring base from which to independently explore, learn and reach their potential. The learning environment is calm and well resourced with enriching and engaging provision both indoors and outdoors. Practitioners view children as competent and capable. They form positive relationships with each individual child and empower them to confidently express their voice and views. Our preschool children are well prepared and more than ready for their transition into school.

Having a qualified teacher in an Early years setting has the greatest impact on the quality of provision (Best Start in Life part 1: setting the scene- Gov.uk). In our Nursery, we have a qualified early years teacher,  who is supported by a number of nursery practitioners. This teacher works closely with the Reception team to ensure progression of quality provision across both the nursery and reception settings, and to support ongoing training and professional development for staff.

Our ambitious  nursery curriculum feeds into our reception curriculum, allowing  children to explore the building blocks of national curriculum subjects they will go on and study.

What will my child learn in the Early Years?

Our curriculum maps below outline the learning journey your child will take as they move through our early years: nursery through to the end of Reception.

PSJ Nursery Curriculum Map 2023-2024

Reception Curriculum Map 2023-2024

Skills progression in the Early Years

The progression documents below detail the progress we expect children to make as they move through our nursery and Reception classes. Here you will also find details of how our adults interact with children and set up the learning environment to support their progress in these areas.

Communication and Language

PSJ Listening and Attention EYFS Skills Progression Document

PSJ Speaking EYFS Skills Progression Document

PSJ Understanding EYFS Skills Progression Document

Expressive Arts and Design

PSJ Being Imaginative and Expressive EYFS Skills Progression Document

PSJ Creating with Materials EYFS Skills Progression Document


PSJ Writing EYFS Skills Progression Document

PSJ Reading EYFS Skills Progression Document


PSJ Mathematics Shape, Space and Measure EYFS Skills Progression Document

PSJ Mathematics Number EYFS Skills Progression Document

Physical Development

PSJ Health and Self-Care EYFS Skills Progression Document

PSJ Moving and Handling EYFS Skills Progression Document

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

PSJ Sense of Self EYFS Skills Progression Document

PSJ Understanding Emotions EYFS Skills Progression Document

PSJ Making Relationships EYFS Skills Progression Document

Understanding the World

PSJ Technology EYFS Skills Progression Document

PSJ People and Communities EYFS Skills Progression Document

PSJ The World EYFS Skills Progression Document

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