The library is a whole-school resource, which aims to promote interest and enthusiasm in reading by allowing children to have a free choice of books in attractive surroundings.

All of our staff spend time choosing and resourcing their own mini classroom libraries with high-quality texts which leave children in awe and encourages them to delve into a good book.

All pupils have access to our library and can change books whenever they have finished. Alongside this, Mrs Newman and Mrs James spend time in our library and other areas delivering high-quality and enriching reading and phonics interventions that build on the knowledge children are gaining in their lessons.

The Library is open every day during term-time and pupils can come and change their books at break and lunchtime or after school if they wish!

Alongside our staff, we have a wonderful group of Junior Librarians who ensure that books and the library are well-maintained and children can receive support in selecting books that link to their phonics or their Accelerated Reader ZPD levels.

The Library also supports the wider curriculum by providing relevant topic books to each year group every term.

Finally, enrichment initiatives, such as author/storyteller visits, National Book Award participation, readathons, poetry & book review competitions and book fairs are all organised to help the children develop their enjoyment of reading.

All-in-all, our Library makes a clear statement about the place of reading in our school: right at the centre of things.

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