On the morning of Friday 8th March, we enjoyed our second annual Careers Fayre! We were extremely lucky to have 13 volunteer speakers from a range of careers deliver workshops to our pupils in Years 1 – 6. The event was a resounding success and it was thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff alike. All of the volunteer speakers were extremely impressed by the calibre of questions asked by the pupils and their exemplary behaviour throughout the morning. 

What did our students think? Find out below!

Dr Matthew Brewer – Nuclear Physicist

“I was inspired by Matt because my favourite subject is Science. Sometimes I worry that I won’t be able to become a scientist because writing isn’t my strongest subject but Matt made me realise that Maths and Science are the important qualifications that I need.” – Charlie Y6

“I thought it was interesting how something so small as a uranium pellet could create such a lot of power.” – Hugo Y5

Miss Dawn Wright – Firefighter

“I thought the best visitor was the firefighter because I liked her stories about the rescues she took part in!” – Oscar K Y3

“The firefighter taught me that they don’t just help people and that they actually help animals as well!” – Florence Y3

Mr Paul Cole – RAF Group Captain

“I might be in the Air Force because I like exploring and I’d like to fly the Red Arrows.”- Luca Y5

“The Air Force sounds interesting because I like mechanical things and planes, and all the places you can go.” – Alfie Y5

Mr Richard Posner

“I liked hearing from the barrister because I like investigating what is happening.” – Luca Y5

“It was really interesting learning about how to become a barrister. Richard told us that you don’t have to go to university to become a barrister and you can learn on the job. This is called apprenticeship.” – Harry Y5

Captain Roger Francis – Master Mariner

“I want to be a ship captain! The man told us all about ships and I want to work on one.” – Winnie Y1

“I want to be a sea captain because it’s a good job.” – Lilly Y1

Miss Scarlet Smith – Project Controls Apprentice

“At first we didn’t have any instructions but then we got instructions and we were all given different responsibilities and then it was more successful.” – Finley Y3

“Scarlett taught us the importance of teamwork in project management. She gave us two tasks. One without instructions and another with instructions. The one that was project managed correctly was easier to complete.” – Lexi Y6

Mrs Kim Hannon – Project Manager

“I enjoyed becoming a project manager for Minecraft with Kim! I think I would make a good project manager because I work well in a team.” – Luca Y3

“I’d never heard of a project manager before and now I want to be one.” – Vongai Y5

Mrs Paige Cox – Dental Nurse

“I enjoyed talking to the dental nurse because now I know how many cubes of sugar are in drinks.” – Molly Y3

“I thought it was interesting finding out that a Yazoo milkshake has 10 sugar cubes in!” – Bea Y2

Miss Rio Evans and Miss Aimee Horseman – Veterinary Nurses

“I enjoyed listening to my heart with a stethoscope!” – Maddox Y2

“I want to be a vet because I want to help pets feel well. I liked listening to the veterinary nurses.” – Nadia Y1

Mr Joe Mwamburi – Pilot

“I learnt new things about planes which I hadn’t realised before, like that there can be a 2-story plane!” – Myla Y5

“Joe was inspiring because he told us about his life story and how he worked hard to become a pilot. He was inspired by his brother and he inspired us.” – Bella C Y6

Dr Sathya Gunetilleke – Educational Psychologist

“The Educational Psychologist helped me understand emotions.” – Charlie Y1

“It was fun to act out the different emotions and watch the clip from Inside Out!” – Albie Y3

Mr Nick Phinn – Thales UK

“It gave me lots to think about due to all the different career opportunities.” – Kaiden Y4

“I learnt that you don’t have to go to university to have a good job, but you still have to work hard.” – Gracie Y5

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