Supporting Children’s Medical Needs

In line with the MNSP Trust policy on how schools support children with medical needs, we are only allowed to administer prescribed medication and a consent form is to be completed by a parent / someone with parental consent prior to the medicine being given. Generally, it will only be possible for medication that needs to be given 4 times a day to be given in school.

Forms are available from the school office.

Non Prescribed medication – such as paracetamol / ibuprofen

Giving painkillers in school can mask the development of more serious conditions and so it is good practice for the parent/carer to make the judgement about the child’s health.

Parents are very welcome to come into school to administer a non prescribed medication with prior arrangement by the school. Any alternative arrangements (e.g. a friend/other family member) would need to be agreed beforehand by the school.

Medication to be taken on a residential visit (and some school trips) require a separate consent form to be completed for each trip.

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