We strive for children to develop as well-rounded, reflective and responsible citizens. Children’s personal development at PSJ is guided by our vision and values, our curriculum and our local context.

We work to a yearly Personal Development Overview which links our school values, British Values and SMSC to all aspects of Personal Development.

Our overview includes details on Collective Worship, class assemblies, trips and visitors, performance opportunities, community links, e-safety, parent workshops and how we support children’s mental health and well-being. We provide opportunities for children to perform, for children to lead and for children to reflect. We encourage children to think beyond themselves and to support local, national and global charities.

This timetable is ever-changing and reviewed termly in response to recent events, children’s interests and availability of experiences – please speak to your child’s class teacher for details of opportunities available each term.

We have also launched the MNSP Citizenship and Character Award giving all children the opportunity to focus on specific areas to develop themselves as citizens, working towards bronze, silver or gold awards as they move through the school.

As you move through our website, we hope you will see how children’s Personal Development, health and wellbeing is woven through all we do.

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