Our Elected Pupil Voice Ambassadors

Each year, we hold democratic elections to decide who will be our Pupil Voice Ambassadors who speak for our children as part of the school council. We hold a launch assembly, providing an opportunity for candidates to speak and explain why they would make good Pupil Voice ambassadors and then a general election where each class choose the candidate to represent them.

The team meets once-a-fortnight to share ideas and come up with plans on how we can help make the school an even better place and provide more exciting opportunities to support all children.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Attending BANES Pupil Parliament sessions.
  • Representing the school at key events.
  • Being “buddies” for new children joining the school.
  • Meeting and greeting visitors and providing tours of the school.
  • Resolving issues from pupils’ points of view.
  • Leading school assemblies.
  • Creating and reviewing policies alongside the Senior leadership team.
  • Leading and running charity fundraising events.

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