School Dinners

School dinners cost £2.80 per day for key stage 2 children and £2.40 for Nursery.

Children in Yr R, Yr1 or Yr2, receive Universal Infant Free School Meals regardless of family income. Find out if your child is eligible for Benefits related Free School Meals (also known as Pupil Premium) here.

The menus are rotated on a 3 weekly basis. See Parentpay for the current menus.


Please note:

  • Meals must be booked in advance (by Thursday 10pm for the following week) on Parentpay to allow the kitchen to order and prepare the right amount of food.
  • If your child is not attending school, please let the office staff know that they have a meal booked, otherwise you may still be charged.

Allergens and special dietary needs

Please keep the office staff updated with any diagnosed dietary allergies. This will mean that only meals appropriate  for your child can be selected.

Our school kitchen are happy to accommodate any dietary requirements where possible; please contact the school office to discuss your child’s needs.

Packed Lunches

PSJ Primary are keen to promote healthy lunch box choices for families.

Try to include a balance of the 5 following food groups and be aware of portion sizes.

Try to avoid foods such as:

  • salty snacks such as crisps.
  • confectionery such as chocolate bars, chocolate-coated cereal bars, processed fruit bars and sweets.
  • sugary soft drinks, such as squash and fizzy drinks.
  • Products containing nuts

There is lots of advice on the internet with ideas for a healthy lunch. If you are unsure, take a look at these sites to get you started:

You can find out more on the MNSP Food and Packed Lunch Policy.

We are an Allergy Aware School

Due to nut allergies please DO NOT PROVIDE NUTS in your child’s lunch or snack, including peanut butter and chocolate spreads.

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