Today we talked about healthy eating and made a stir fry using a selection of vegetables which looked like a “rainbow” when mixed together. We chopped peppers,  red onion, spring onions and baby corn. Next, we found out about bean sprouts. We were not quite sure what they would taste like but we added them so we could try them. Finally, we added rice and gave it a good mixed. The children voted for black bean sauce rather that sweet chilli sauce to add “flavour” to their “rainbow” stir fry.

We went to play outside whilst Mrs Appleton went to cookery corner with a huge heavy frying pan to cook. When she came back there was a delicious smell in the class room. Every child tasted the stir fry even if they were a bit unsure and some children had seconds! We will be doing some more cooking and food tasting as we head closer to Chinese New Year so please check that you are up to date with your online snack money payments. Thank you.

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