We are delighted to announce that artwork produced by Year 2 last summer (our current Year 3 children) is to be exhibited in London as part of The National Gallery Take One Picture exhibition.

The piece of art was inspired by Henri Rousseau’s ‘Surprised’. The children created a 3D collage exploring the idea of ‘is it a tail or a snake’ that they could see in the painting. Mrs Tregale, art leader, knew that we had been shortlisted but was sworn to secrecy until now. She even arranged a courier to transport the large collage to London which was no easy thing to do given it’s size!

The exhibition is part of the Gallery’s free festival of art and will be outside Trafalgar Square from 1st August until 1st September.

Read the Take One Picture press release here.

Find out more about the exhibition here.

View ‘Surprised’ here.


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