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Foundation Subjects - T5W1


Monday - Science 

Read Jack and The Beanstalk (we emailed you the story before Easter and at the beginning of this week). Perhaps try and plant some of your own seeds if you can? (Tesco at MSN sell them if you’re shopping there!)


If you have the sunflower we planted in school, use a ruler to measure how tall it is now.


Tuesday - Computing

Use the Year One or Year Two resources at: to find about keeping safe online.

(This should be completed with an adult so you can talk together about this resource)


Wednesday - History

Research games from the past - talk to a relative about games they used to play, or look at  Write down 3 of your favourites!


Thursday - Family Fun 

Get out the scrabble, monopoly or any other old board games you have and have a games night as a family!


Friday - Art/DT 

Design your own game that uses a dice. On Purple Mash search for ‘my dice game’ and write up the instructions on how to play your game.