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Monday - Science 

Watch some videos about plants on BBC Bitesize:  and discuss what you have learnt with a parent or older sibling.


Tuesday - Art/D&T 

Make a jigsaw! Give the children a piece of card and ask them to draw a colourful picture on it. It must fill up as much of the paper as possible! Then, once they have finished get them to cut up the card into about 6 pieces. They can turn the card over and draw cutting lines on the reverse if that helps. Once that's done they can try and re-assemble it. 


Wednesday - History 

On Purple Mash play the pairs game: You have to match the pictures of the old toys! 


Thursday - Comouting 

Watch one of DigiDucks stories: and discuss what you have learnt from it with an adult. 

Friday - Family Fun 

How about trying to dress up or face paint yourself or someone else in your family as one of the characters from Toy Story and then enjoy watching one of the films with some popcorn? Send pictures!