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Foundation Subjects - T5W3 - Week Commencing 4.5.20 


Monday - Art/D&T

Use paper, magazines, newspaper, bits from the recyling box, Easter egg wrappers etc. to make a collage of some of your toys. You might to use the sketching skills you learnt at school to draw the outline before you fill it in. 


Tuesday - Computing 

Look at: 

and and discuss the safety tips together. This should be completed with an adult so you can talk together about this resource.


Wednesday - Science 

Research what plants/parts of plants we can eat. Can you name 3? Look at the fruit and vegetables in your fridge to help. Can you find out where they come from? 


Thursday - History 

Choose a toy that you love and compare it with one of your parents favourite toys. How are they the same or different? Use (the 2DO set by your teacher) to write this up/add pictures.


OPTIONAL: Bank Holiday Friday - Family Fun

Listen to some of The House at Pooh Corner at: Did you know the characters were all real toys?