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The Learning Skills Crew

Helping children develop key skills vital to life in and beyond school


Use the skills of the INVENTOR to be creative, explore new things and use your imagination to communicate your thoughts and emotions in different ways.


The APPRENTICE is committed and takes an active role in school life. He or she can persevere when they face a challenge and have resilience to be able to recover quickly when difficulties arise.


We all need to use the skills of the DETECTIVE when solving problems. Using logic to make reasoned decisions and determination to overcome barriers we will successfully reach our goals.


We use the skills of the COLLABORATOR throughout the day when working as part of a group or creating team games in the playground. Key skills are communication, empathy and flexibility.


At times the skills of the AGENT are needed. When using motivation, resourcefulness and focus, we are able to ork independently to complete the task.


Finally we have the TRAILBLAZER. This is where we develop our leadership skills of courage, organisation and drive.