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School Vision and Values

Our Vision:

At the heart of our caring community lies a welcoming village school, which fosters and encourages all to be curious and resilient lifelong learners. Through valuing everyone, we aspire to achieve. In PSJ, we care.


This vision drives our school improvement plan, and the acronym CARE spells out our new school values for this year. Speak to your children about how they can develop and demonstrate these values in and outside of school.

School Values: we CARE


These will be displayed, modelled, learnt and celebrated throughout our school.


CURIOSITY = To ask questions and seek out knowledge to become better learners. To become critical thinkers who are inquisitive about the world around us and our place within it.



ASPIRATION = To learn from, and be inspired by, the best. To have the highest aspirations and expectations for ourselves and others, and consistently work hard to achieve these.



RESILIENCE = To develop the ability to bounce back from adversity, failure or challenges and see them as necessary steps of learning and development. To learn from mistakes, learning and developing new strategies and skills.



EQUALITY = To ensure all individuals in our community and the wider world are treated fairly and equally, no matter their race, gender, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation. Be the change you want to see in the world.


We have bought many books to engage children in these key areas—stories are a great way to introduce new and sometimes challenging ideas in a safe and inspiring way.



Alongside these are our school drivers. These underpin what we learn about here at PSJ, especially designed to influence our children and the community for the better. We choose to weave these into lessons, assemblies , books we read and inspirational people we aspire to be like. This year, in preparation for being global citizens of the world, our drivers are: Inclusion and Diversity.


Celebrating Vision and Values in our School:


PSJ's 50 Inspirational People


As part of our wider learning, we are focusing on 50 people from around and world and History. Our teachers spent time deciding who were the most inspiring role models for our children.


Over the year, we will be exploring these inspiring people in more detail and why they are such motivating individuals. We will be adding work around these people as we move through the year.


Black History Month

This year, the focus for Black History Month is 'Proud to be'. In school, we will be exploring this idea and looking at our ispirational people from the BAME community. Children will be creating work around these people. Please look out for this and images of some of the fabulous work the children have created.


For more information about Black History Month, click the link below.




Our Trust Charity of the Year - The Stephen Lawrence Foundation


The Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership Trust has chosen Blueprint for All (Formerly the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust) as its charity trust of the year.  This charity was chosen because of the excellent work they have done to support disadvantaged children, but also tackle prejudice and discrimination. Partnership schools will run a number of events to fund raise as well as raise awareness of the issues associated with prejudice, fairness and disadvantage.