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Pupil voice

Our School Council is called PUPIL VOICE and they wear yellow t-shirts to distinguish them as class respresentatives. They are voted in by their class mates and will represent the whole school through their roles.

Children who want to be members make a speech to their classmates explaining how they will make a positive contribution to school life and represent their class. Everyone in the school then takes part in PUPIL VOICE election day - completing a voting slip and placing it in the ballot box. Successful candidates are introduced in a whole school assembly and then attend weekly meetings supported by Mr Lyle.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Attending BANES Pupil Parliament sessions
  • Representing the school at key events
  • Being "buddies" for new children joining the school
  • Meeting and greeting visitors and providing tours of the school.
  • Resolving issues from pupils' points of view.
  • Leading school assemblies.
  • Creating and reviewing policies alongside the Senior leadership team.


We also encourage other roles of leadership throughout the school through the use of house captains, head boy and head girl, class leaders and other various responsibilities. We are always striving to enrich the experience all children get within the school and encourage an ethos of developing a wide range of skills in line with our Learning Skills Crew.