“Education breeds confidence; confidence breeds hope;

hope breeds peace.”


Our vision for PSHE

PSHE stands for Personal, Social, Health and Economic education. By the time our children leave Year 6 they will have had opportunities to explore questions so that they can make compassionate and informed decisions about themselves, their communities and the world. We aspire for them to become happy, healthy and considerate members of society.

This starts in the Early Years where our vision is for children to become ‘Fantastic Friends’, ‘Independent Individuals’ and excellent ‘Managers of Me’.

Schools have an important part to play in helping children become well-rounded individuals. PSHE aims to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead confident, healthy and independent lives.

There are three core themes of primary school PSHE:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Living in the Wider World: economic well-being and being a responsible citizen.

PSHE isn’t a statutory subject in primary schools. This means that there is no set programme of study or learning objectives that pupils have to fulfil.

Our PSHE pathway

Our PSHE Pathway shows how we teach the core themes of PSHE throughout your child’s time at Peasedown St John Primary School.

What my child will learn in PSHE and when we teach it

We use Jigsaw to deliver our PSHE curriculum including our Relationships and Health Education, in a spiral, progressive and fully planned scheme of work. Following the PSHE core themes, this gives the children relevant learning experiences to help them navigate their world and to develop positive relationships with themselves and others. Experiences are built into everyday learning, both in and outside the classroom.

PSJ PSHE Progression Document

We support these sessions through phase and whole school assemblies, making links to our 50 inspirational people, and exploring ideas around global citizenship.

Our Citizenship and Character Awards allow children and families the opportunities to work towards and celebrate a passport of achievement.  For example, Global me, Local Me, Developing Me.

Take a look at the free resources available on Jigsaw for activities to do at home.  There are some free audio stories and calm me time sessions available.

We work with outside agencies to run workshops within school, supporting children with various aspects of socio-emotional health, including, SARI, Stand Against Violence, NSPCC and the BANES Mental Health Support team.

Within school, we have a team dedicated towards supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing.

As part of our school values we ensure all individuals in our community and the wider world are treated fairly and equally, no matter their race, gender, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation. Be the change you want to see in the world.

If you have any questions about our PSHE and RSE curriculum, please contact the school office. 

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