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Our Nursery begins the journey for your child's education, aiming to provide the most excellent of starts for children from the age of 2.

We strive to enable all children to be curious, aspirational, resilient and demonstrate equality through our play based curriculum. 

We believe these values should run throughout our school and our nursery lays the foundation for this.


Recently, we have invested a lot of time and energy into creating a warm and welcoming environment, where all children can succeed.  This has involved moving the nursery to a more purposeful setting, enabling children to access high quality, indoor and outdoor natural learning resources, whatever the weather!


If you are interested in having a look around our nursery, please contact our school office:

Tel: 01761 432311 



A Day in our Nursery...


Where we learn...


As a nursery, we feel that children's self-confidence comes first. Happiness underpins enjoyment and, at PSJ nursery, we believe using this as a starting point has the utmost importance. Staff feel that children should come to nursery feeling safe and they provide opportunities for children to feel this in a calming and welcoming environment. 


Within our nursery, we believe the indoor and outdoor spaces to not be two individual spaces. They offer opportunies for children to lead their own learning through the guidance of our dedicated practioners combining the two spaces holistically. Staff take their lead from the children to help them support and scaffold every child's intrests, leading to them celebrate uniqueness and challenge their curiosity in a variety of ways. This leads to naturally extending learning, allowing them to develop without being sat around a table.



"The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky"

Margaret McMillan


Within our spaces, there are inspiring natural resources which challenges the curiosity in every child. This enables them to follow and develop thier passions and interests in a safe, interesting and exciting way.


From our large sand pit, to our contrusction area, to role play, your child's development is at the for​​​​​​​efront of everything we do. 



Our nursery provides opportunities for physical development focusing on fine and gross motor skills, role play, creative activities and exploratory play. This is a great way for children to develop their own learning and build upon experiences they have gained in their day-to-day.

Striving for Success

To achieve these milestones, we aim to provide learning opportunities through a variety of ways. These approaches include:


Development Milestones at the Heart of our Setting


At the heart of our setting, we believe setting goals to be important for development.


From this, we have tailored these so that each goal is broken down into the development milestones which underpin our practice led by all.


This enables our dedicated staff to set specific goals and targets for individual children which link to thier personal, social  and emotional development as they continue thier journey through the school. 


Our learning goals are








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