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Our School is very fortunate to have its own specialist music teacher. Pupils are encouraged take part in a huge range of musical opportunities.

We have a KS2 and a Y2 Choir; two orchestras who regularly perform in school and at outside events and competitions; class composition lessons and class bands. In January 2019 we performed at the O2 in London as part of the Young Voices Concert  - it was incredible!

We also welcome professional musicians to perform in our school, providing children with a wonderful opportunity to hear a variety of music and to see first-hand what excellence in music looks like.


Visiting peripatetic music teachers provide tuition in violin, woodwind, guitar, ukulele, brass and drums.

If you would like your child to start learning a musical instrument here are the details


Music Projects @Home

Abi in Year 4 has been learning how to improvise on the electric guitar. Here is a piece that she has been working on with her Dad.
Listen to the way the music builds up and then fades out. It has the structure of a 'Musical Rainbow'.
Well done Abi.

Recorder Lessons

We designed our own bespoke recorders and then recalled how to play using standard notation.

B, A, G.

We can't wait to be able to play all together again.




We have been learning how to play notes on the keyboard, guitar, recorder, xylophone and other instruments. Here is how we learn the notes on the piano keyboard:

Piano Notes