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Year 1 Common Exception Words - Spellings

Science Week 1 - What are the requirements for plant growth?


Requirements for growth

A healthy plant is usually upright with green leaves. Plants need air, light, warmth, water and nutrients to be healthy.

If a plant doesn’t have one of these requirements it could affect its growth or even die.


Watch the video and complete the quiz


Science Week 2 - Why are bees attracted to flowers?


Bees and flowers

Lots of plants rely on insects like bees to reproduce.

To make a seed, a flower needs to be pollinated.

Pollen from one flower needs to travel to another. Bees are very important for carrying the pollen between flowers.

To encourage bees to visit them, flowers have colourful petals and an attractive scent.

Some flowers give the bees a sugary reward called nectar too.

It’s not just plants that need bees; we need them too.

Without them we’d have very little food.

Lots of our fruit and vegetables come from plants that are pollinated by bees.