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Time Capsule Activity

We are living through history right now. Use these ideas to create a time capsule!


1. Write a letter to your future selves. Include:

- your age

- who your friends are

- what you've been doing during lock down

- your favourite TV show, song, book etc.

- describe what has been happening locally and around the country

- tell your future self how you feel

- tell your future self what you would like to be when you grow up and five things you would like to do or achieve


2. If it's safe to get a newspaper, get one and cut out articles that you think would be important to your future self or print articles from the internet. 


3. Draw a picture of your family as it is now (don't forget pets!)


4. Take some pictures of today, print them out and include them in the box.


5. Put it all together in a scrap book or a lunch box and store it somewhere, like a loft, where you will not come across it for years to come!