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Great Lives: Florence Nightingale


You may not be aware that 2020 is the year of the nurse and midwife. It was designated as such by the World Health Organisation in recognition of the contribution they make and the risks associated with nursing shortages. 


This week we are going to learn about the great life of Florence Nightingale and her contribution to the development of nursing and hospital care as we know it today. 


We will begin by listening to the podcast and completing the mini quiz. 

Florence Nightingale Podcast

This week we return to Greg Jenner with his home school history podcasts. If you want to hear more, they're all available to download on BBC Sounds.

Activity 1 - Mini Quiz

Listen carefully to the podcast and then try the mini quiz.

Answers are read out at the end of the podcast so you can self-mark.

1) Why did her parents name her Florence?

2) What was Florence's sister called? (Don't worry about spelling!)

3) Florence Nightingale is famous for being a nurse during which war?

4) In 1860, what did Florence Nightingale open so that people all over the world could learn about nursing?

5) How old would Florence have been on May 12th, 2020?

Activity 2 -Create an inspirational and informative poster


Once you have an overview of Florence's life, it's time to create a poster to showcase her incredible achievements, her compassion and commitment and inspire others. You can design it however you wish and may want to use the computer, sketch, writing, or even collage!


Try to include: 

- an image or representation of her nickname 'the lady of the lamp.'

- her key achievements

- key moments in her career

- something she said or did that will inspire others to work hard


There are some web links below you can use. You can also use others sites and books should you wish. Happy research!


We look forward to seeing what you create in honour of Florence and all the nurses working so hard right now.