Last year, almost 200 PSJ children entered the national If I Were an Engineer competition where they designed a product that would make a difference in the lives of others.

From thousands of entries, Gracie was judged as the overall winner in Year 4 in the whole of the South West Region.

Last week we were delighted to hear the amazing news that not only had Gracie received this award but that her design has been chosen by a group of engineers to be made into a prototype. Gracie will work with engineers and engineering students at the University of Exeter to bring her wonderful Worry Watch design; a of a watch to help people with communicating their emotions, to life.

This is a huge honour as only a handful of designs get chosen to be made into finished products. In the words of the judges, “A huge well done to Gracie and Peasedown St John’s Primary School, this is a fantastic achievement following the competition.”

We look forward to following the development of Gracie’s Worry Watch which will be unveiled at an awards ceremony in July.

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