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Jubilee Garden at PSJ


Pupils at PSJ Primary are enjoying the development of a Jubilee garden for the children and school community.  

The area has been cleared ready for a delivery of top soil and red, white and blue flowers to be planted.

Watch this space for future developments.


“ the Jubilee Garden will give our community  a lasting reminder of Her Majesty's special Platinum Jubilee during this time of celebration. ”


This term, we have studied Harvest in our classes. We have been very fortunate that our local minister and youth worker from Peasedown Methodist Church provided us with a video about What Harvest is? and Why do we celebrate Harvest?


From this, each class has done some work to celebrate harvest and brought in donations to help local people through the Foodbank! Thank you to everyone for their donations: they are greatly appreciated.

Blue and Red Class' Harvest Songs

For harvest, the children in reception have been learning some songs alongside learning about harvest in class. They hope you enjoy them.


Reception - Big Red Combine Harvester

Reception - Under The Harvest Moon

Orange Class

Orange class spent an afternoon creating wonderful Harvest Artwork using precise cutting and colour mixing to create wonderful printed patterns. What wonderful bunting they created for their classroom!

Amber Class

For Harvest, Amber class have been extremely busy learning about the importance of Harvest. They have created some wonderful Autumn Fairies using our Conservation Area and also recited the poem 'Autumn Leaves'. Take a look at this in the link below. 


Autumn Leaves - Amber Class

Daffodil Class

This term, for Harvest, Daffodil Class have learned and performed the poem 'The Autumn Fairy'. They hope you enjoy it!



The Autumn Fairy - Daffodil Class

Buttercup Class' Poem

Still image for this video

Sunflower Class

This autumn, Sunflower Class have been busy learning about planting. With this in mind, they have been planting bulbs to grow in planters around our school. For this, they created an instructional video on how to plant a bulb.


How to plant a bulb - Sunflower Class

Jade, Fern and Aqua Class' Poem


This week, Jade, Fern and Aqua have been busy studying Harvest through Guided Reading. They have studied the poem, 'The Harvest Moon', discussing how the poet has used personification to bring the moon to life. From this, they have learned and performed the poem with some of them even incorporating actions. They hope you enjoy their recital.


The Harvest Moon - Jade Class


Fern Class' Poem - The Harvest Moon


The Harvest Moon - Aqua Class

Sky and Sapphire Class - Harvest Art


In Sapphire and Sky, the children have been busy learning about the meaning of Harvest. From this, they decided to create some beautiful artwork focusing on Harvest and still life drawing techniques. I think we can all agree when we say how wonderful this artwork is!

Atlantic Class

Here are our wonderful Atlantic Class performing the Harvest Moon.


Atlantic - The Harvest Moon

Pacific Class

Pacific Class have been extremely busy learning the poem, 'Something told the wild geese'. Here is their fantastic rendition.

Something Told The Wild Geese

Year 6 

Year 6 have been incredibly busy looking at the question, 'What is the meaning of Harvest?'. They have spent time researching this in Guided Reading and created some wonderful non-fiction reports about the meaning of Harvest.

Donations to our local food bank

As a part of our harvest celebrations, we asked families to help our local foodbank by bringing in donations to support them. We were overwhelmed by the generous donations and everyone at PSJ would like to say a HUGE thank you for everyone's support. On Wednesday afternoon, we visited The Hive Community Centre to drop off the donations to our local foodbank drop off point. Thank you all again for your fantastic support.