On Friday 10th November the whole of Peasedown St John Primary School gathered in the school hall to remember all those who have served in our armed forces and died for our country.

Head teacher, Ruth Noall, read an extract from  the school’s log book recalling the moment when the children of Peasedown School in 1918 came together to hear the announcement that the armistice had been signed, 

NEWS RECEIVED THAT ARMISTICE HAS BEEN ARRANGED AND THAT FIRING WOULD CEASE AT 11A.M. TODAY. School was assembled and the Head Teacher made the announcement to the children. The National Anthem was sung and cheers given for the King, the Navy and the Army.

The current pupils sang ‘Poppies’ while each class laid a wreath of poppies created by the children in art lessons. Wesley played the Last Post and Reveille on the bugle and a 1 minute silence was observed. The school choir sang ‘After the Storm’, a song of hope and peace.

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