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Aqua Yr 4

Home learning Week 1 - I love receiving these pictures! Keep them coming, Aqua class!


Home Learning during school closure


On this page you can find all of the packs you will need while the school is closed. We have tried, where possible, to make sure the work is things the children will be able to do independently. This should help for those of you who are also expected to work from home while also looking after your children.


Your child will come home with an English, Maths and Guided Reading pack with attached grid, an English activity pack, a Maths activity pack, a Home Learning Jotter and a pencil. If you are already in isolation, these can be collected from the school. The children will also have a small slip of paper which will have all the websites they will need to access with their usernames and passwords. If you have already self-isolated then these will be emailed to you.


We would like the English, Maths and Guided Reading pack to be the priority. The Maths activities should be completed on Purple Mash. The starters can be completed in their Jotter. For English, the starters should be completed on Purple Mash and the activities in their Jotter/on a piece of lined paper. If they choose to, their final piece can be typed up on to Purple Mash. However, we know that many children find typing for long periods very frustrating! The additional English and Maths packs are good time-fillers should you need them, or can be used if your child will be in a household where internet or computer access is limited. Any work completed on Purple Mash will be marked by me. If the children would like to complete more work, they are free to choose anything from Purple Mash and save it for me to see. We will set work weekly and upload the grids to our class pages.


In addition, I have set up a blog system on Purple Mash. This can be found by clicking the green ‘Sharing’ tab at the top of the page. There are 2 options: a class blog which can be seen by all members of our class where I moderate the posts. The other is a personal blog which can only be seen by me and the child. This is a good way for us to all keep in contact as we’ll all miss each other very much!


Any work completed at home and not on Purple Mash can be photographed and then sent to with the subject FAO: Mrs Cains.


I hope you all manage to stay healthy, and I hope we will all see each other again very soon!

Very best wishes and lots of love,

Mrs Cains

Maths activities Term 1

We are so looking forward to a fun year in Aqua Class!

The adults working in Aqua class are Mrs Cains and Mrs Bailey.