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Welcome to Sapphire Class!


Welcome to Sapphire Class. This page will soon be filled with lots of information about our learning. 


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!

Term 4 Science- Electricity

In science, we were able to make a light bulb light up using only a bulb, battery and one piece of wire. We are looking forward to creating some more complex circuits with more components later in the term.



Our simple circuits.

Our simple circuits. 1
Our simple circuits. 2

Class Visitor

On Tuesday 27th February, Megan brought her hamster Rosie to school for a visit. Even though she slept in class for most of the day, she enjoyed running around and exploring the classroom in her ball after lunch.

                                     Megan and Rosie


If anyone else has anything exciting that they would like to share with the class please let Miss Jefferis know and we can arrange a time for a visit.